ELLIPAL EC-01 Hardware wallet

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ELLIPAL EC-01 - The cold wallet 2.0


ELLIPAL operates offline, eliminating any potential hacks. User can store their private key in the cold wallet by importing or creating it. The private key will never touch the internet. 

Easy to Learn. Simple to Use

Using ELLIPAL is very simple. ELLIPAL has a large touch screen. Following the intuitive UI, you can view all your actions including create an account, recover account by mnemonics and import via private key. With ELLIPAL companion App on your phone, you will interact with your ELLIPAL easily and securely.


Easy Account Creation

ELLIPAL features a simple, step-by-step process to help you create, recover your accounts. Multi language support.


Connect to ELLIPAL App. Effortless

ONE QR code scan only to connect to ELLIPAL App.


Intuitive Sign with ELLIPAL

Easy Step-by-step assistant. Visual validation of addresses. On-device transaction confirmation


Simple backup and restore

Your cryptocurrencies stay safe in your account even if you lose your ELLIPAL. Simply use the 12-word mnemonics to restore on another ELLIPAL device.


Internet isolated hardware wallet

ELLIPAL is 100% isolated from the internet making it hack-proof. It blocks all attempts that try to connect it to a network. It is isolated from any Internet connection such as 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB. ELLIPAL also protects your valuable information and assets by storing your private keys securely inside the hardware trust zone using strong cryptography. Your private key never expose to outside. 


Multi-step verification to ensure security 

To ensure security, we added a multi-step passwords verification for you to log in before accessing your accounts. The cold wallet will automatically erase all data after several failed password attempts to prevent any unauthorized user and protect your data.


Support multiple Cryptos

ELLIPAL is loaded with a number of hardware features such as cross-chain capabilities and supports multiple currencies which includes but not limited to BTC, BCH, ETH and ERC20 tokens. Our team is currently working to bring support to even more cryptocurrencies in the future. 


Technical specification

Dimensions & Weight

Größe: 119,4 mm x 64 mm x 9,9 mm  

Operating time

650 Stunden standby


Helles 4Zoll Display 


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